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The Land of the Magnates is an epic action-adventure set in a magical world inspired by the myths of the Middle East. You are Malik Shahbaz, prince of the Land of the Sun. Once a land of joy and music, the kingdom has been shrouded in darkness and silence following the death of its queen. Now, the king has been poisoned and the prince stands accused of this foul deed. After a daring escape, the disgraced prince must travel the realm to find a way to cure his father, reclaim his throne, and return light to the Land of the Sun.

From the cursed Black Forest, to the Land of the Sun shrouded in darkness, from the domain of the Water Princess to the marble lands of the Monkey Kings, Shahbaz will have to lift ancient curses, defeat vile minions of the dark with his trusty sitar, and solve complex puzzles requiring quick thinking - and quick fingers.

The prince flees his homeland with little but the clothes and the sitar slung on his back. This instrument is the last source of music in the lands and his only weapon against the darkness. The magical sounds of its strings can bring life back to the land. But that's only the first step. Shahbaz must face platforming challenges at dizzying heights, environmental puzzles demanding mastery of the elements, and finally, himself.

The Land of the Magnates is a world permeated by magic, where gods and humans exist side by side. Shahbaz will meet loyal friends, ruthless manipulators, benevolent goddesses, mythical creatures - and travel through magical forests, elemental realms, magical cities of ages past, and lands of clockwork and tinkering of future ages.




Permanent Way started working with the international branch as a studio for video game development in 2006. Creativity, agility, talent acquisition, and storytelling constitute our core values at Permanent Way. Moreover, the collective spirit of our studio is addicted to new adventures and looks at every challenge as a new learning opportunity.

The outcome of our indie spirit and continuous endeavors has been the provision of 20 video games to the domestic market and the provision of 12 games to the international market.

Currently, we utilize a production pipeline that includes many state-of-the-art tools such as Unreal Engine 4 and, of course, Unreal Engine 5 and Houdini, etc. Additionally, we are engaged with multiple areas of research such as procedural content generation, data-driven design, and artificial intelligence for game development.

Also, three years ago, we established the animation production department in "Permanent Way" so that in addition to expressing our dreams and narratives in the form of video games, we can also be present in the animation industry as a team of storytellers with brilliant works.


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